Year 58: Saying Yes to The Splendor of Purpose

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Today, March 13, 2015:

I waltz into 58 years. They have been introspectively beautiful to me. I have learned to appreciate this introverted Black American female who finds her soul’s fulfillment in Black American culture and Christian spirituality. I hear my elder sister’s voice as I think about the splendor of my purpose. Be an active “learner,” she says. Let knowledge drizzle over you: Breathe in, out. Sit quietly and watch life’s movie; let the text talk. You listen:

My professional bucket list is my personal desire—to say YES to the SPLENDOR of PURPOSE! Tell the whole world about the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955– the lessons. If one, just one, person—young or seasoned—says I can improve the quality of my life as a result of hearing, digesting, and applying the lessons of the Montgom


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7 Costs Entrepreneurs and Business Owners SHOULD Consider When Determining Their Prices


If you ask any “wet behind the ears” entrepreneur their pricing strategy, they will likely say one of three things:

  1. They copied or averaged what their competitors charge to create their prices.
  2. They picked a number that sounded good.
  3. They make it up each time.

I do hope that you can see why none of these are a sound pricing strategy.

The truth is, no one can tell you what to charge and you can charge whatever you’d like as long as you:

  1. Have results (success stories, case studies, testimonials) to support the price.
  2. Have articulated the problem you solve in such a way that your ideal clients see you as the only solution to the problem they are ready to pay to solve.

I love to use a bottle of water as my example.

If you were to purchase one from a Dollar Store, it will cost $1. If you p


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Leadership Principles from Captain Ahab


After a particularly taxing week I found myself having some trouble sleeping. I was lying there and decided I would go out to the couch to get some work done. Why not be productive since I am obviously suffering from insomnia? I turned on the television for some background noise but had high hopes I wouldn’t be too distracted. I flipped through a few sports channels before landing on a movie. It took a few minutes to decide if I would commit to watching Moby Dick, but boredom won the fight.

I recognized a few familiar faces in the flick and it seemed to have an element of action. So I closed the laptop and kicked back to check out man’s epic battle with himself and nature. Ahab versus the big fish. To be honest, I never read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick in high school. I think I peeked at


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Clip of Ambassador Sanders Nigerian Election Interview on Channels TV

As Nigeria’s rescheduled election is approaching on March 28, 2015, Nigeria’s premier media outlet, Channels TV, interviews Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders in Washington, D.C. on her views about the postponement, whether current Nigerian internal displaced persons (IDP’s), and refugees will be able to participate in the elections.

Sanders notes in the interview that she hoped that Nigeria’s Independent Election Commission or INEC, will be able to successfully reach as many IDP’s as possible in the 14 local government areas, called LGA’s, that are impacted by Boko Haram, and she was strongly encouraging Nigeria to not postpone the election any further.

Click here to see ChannelsTV interview


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Hate Me Because I Love Black People?

Dear Humanity,

Should you hate me?

Right now, I am struggling to find an economy of thoughts, of words to move from my psychological interior to alphabets to words on a piece of electronic paper. I ask myself and ask you world of thinkers–How should I respond to this text sent to me after explaining this: African Americans call into the American consciousness a need for healing; therefore, as a collective African Americans are healers. And there is a need for a conference that calls attention to that fact–African American Healers in A Multi-cultural Nation. 

         Dr. R,  I thank God for your memories. Continue your journey of  avoiding established but creating new paths. That’s why you are hated subtly but loved without shame and deep admiration and respect.

         Blessings Dr. V



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Be The Parent

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I have often said that being a parent is a challenge in many ways. After all, children come without an owner’s manual. The influence of today’s hyperactive social media world challenges parents, including me, in a new way. Some of these challenges do not make sense.

I coach a girls’ softball team and our staff implemented a team site strictly to communicate logistical updates such as game times, locations, and uniform details. Just yesterday, I learned that one of the 12 year old players used the site to call a teammate a “bitch”. Not surprisingly, this action upset many of the kids on the team. Questions come up for me about parenting in this situation all the time.  I also question if our setting up such an account was the best idea for some pre-teen girls.  But herein lies the problem


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5 Tips for Determining the Health of Your Business for Today’s Entrepreneur or Business Owner


We are fast approaching the end of the first quarter of 2015. And for many business owners, the health of their business will be based on whether they are making any money at all.   As the statistics tell us, of the 28 million small businesses in the country roughly 90% of them aren’t yielding $100,000 or more each year.  One might make the declaration that small businesses in this country are sick – or, anything but healthy.

As I considered this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, I definitely took that thought to heart.  You see, my entire existence as a business optimization strategist and consultant is to help business owners experience healthy, thriving businesses despite the statistics, and we’ve done a pretty good job (if I do say so myself :-)).  Which is why I couldn’t wait t


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Selma on My Mind–Grace’s Story: for Jimmie Lee Jackson

Jimmie-Lee-Jacksons-Grave-Heard-Cemetery-off-Highway-14-Perry-County-Alabama-2007 copy

This morning I think of Selma. On Sunday, March 8, 2015, I joined other Americans in a commemorative march celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march that took place in Selma, Alabama. As I stood in the crowd waiting to begin the march across Edmund Pettis Bridge, I thought of John Lewis whose sacrifice during the Bloody Sunday marched has “walked me into history.” As I stood amongst the crowd including children whose shall receive the gift of their purpose because of the sacrifices of great Americans like John Lewis, Viola Liuzzo and Jimmie Lee Jackson, I imagine a woman who I shall call Grace. I try to imagine what she must have thought on the evening Jimmie Lee Jackson was killed.

 As I begin to march across the bridge arm linked with other Americans, hear music;


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50 Shades of Hate


There is always so much talk about “The Haters” as if it’s this members only club that you earn access to only after revealing your inner *ss. I personally, in an effort to crack the hater code did some digging to understand the true nature of the millennium hater; The modern day Judas that has nothing better to do than make the lives of others miserable. Whether it be the co-worker that doesn’t want to see you thrive, the “friend” that can never seem to be happy for you, or the “relative” that you sometimes wonder about, haters are real and alive in 2015.It is important for you to know the difference between who is in your corner and who is cutting corners in your circle of influence. So, what is the method behind a hater’s madness and why are there those that appear to be for us when t


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Parents and Coaches


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I have been spending a lot of time recently exploring the actions of parents, especially in the context of sports that it has left me scratching my head.  As parents, we should be teaching and encouraging our kids to be like a rock thrown in the middle of a pond, and that by our actions we will create a ripple effect for anyone we come in contact with.  That they should “Be the change they hope for”.

Instead, I see too many instances of parents selling their kids out for more playtime and favoritism which leaves the kid vulnerable and exposed to really bad people disguised as coaches.  Outside of parenting, coaching might be the best platform for transforming boys and girls into healthy and thriving men and women. It is incumbent on the parent to partner with and expect, from coaches a


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How to Determine If You’ve Got the Goods to Excel as an Entrepreneur


Newsflash: Everyone was not born to be an entrepreneur.

It’s true, some people (this could include you) were born to help entrepreneurs live their dreams.

And, you should know that being a successful entrepreneur means that you’re going to have to work at it.  You’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone and potentially even trade some of your comforts for un-comfortabilities.

On my own journey, I had to trade in my Mercedes Benz, wrap up in more blankets because I couldn’t afford to turn the heat up beyond my budgeted amount and eats lots of peanut butter and jelly.  And that wasn’t what I expected, but it was a necessary to position myself for the life I live today.

And, I’d do it all again.  That is why I couldn’t wait to shed some light on what it takes to be an entrepreneur w


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Lessons from a Seasoned Feminist

Say it loud! I am a feminist and proud! Feminism became part of my leadership philosophy while attending college. As I reflect on this concept the idea of being feminist is as relevant today as ever. There is great debate regarding the role feminism plays in the lives of contemporary women. However issues such as equal pay for equal work, voting rights, reproductive rights, and more are as prominent today as they were when Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her girlfriends gathered for tea in Seneca Falls to discuss issues of their day.

I was among the first group of students at SUNY Potsdam to formally study women’s history. In this class I learned the definition of feminism and decided to identify as a feminist. Reading the success stories of my historical sisters taught me I could be successful


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