Tim Carthon

Tim Carthon

At-Risk Student Education Advocate • College and Greek Life Specialist • Author

  • A long-time educator and clinician in elementary, middle, high schools, and college, Tim Carthon is aptly named “The force of the thought-provoking voice” for his amazing ability to help others see things from angles they never knew existed and turn them into a voice for thought-provocation through what he calls the “simpleness of simplicity.”
    A hardworking, creative visionary and specialist in the fields of at-risk Student education advocacy, college life (male minority-focused), and Greek fraternities and sororities, his unique blend of these three (3) subjects is something marveled at by long-time educators and education administrators throughout the Midwest, especially his unique approach to start-up business infrastructure.
    Being active in Greek life since 1992 and step show choreography since 1995, Mr. Carthon has shaped entire generations of Greek-letter organization members and performances. As a member of Kappa Kappa Psi® N.H.B. Fraternity, Inc., and Alpha Phi Alpha® Fraternity, Inc., he has built a critically acclaimed reputation throughout the Greek fraternity and sorority world for his ground-breaking step show choreography, his knowledge on Greek-letter organization affairs, and navigating the politics of the relationship between organizations and college administrations.
    His performance concepts have been used to win countless national competitions, including the Sprite® Step-Off, and have even warranted interest for his National Greek Awards™ to be televised nationally on Black Entertainment Television (BET).
    Tim Carthon is currently the Founder and Executive Director of the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards® (also known as the National Greek Awards™ and the National Greek All-Star™ Awards™).  He is also President of Premier Budgeting International™, a Cleveland, OH-based consulting firm, a graduate of Central State University (OH), and a Society of Step Masters™ Inductee.

    Tim’s signature programs; more commonly known as his one-of-a-kind "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™, are a unique “3-Tier” system of performing arts programs and events combined to systematically train young students in how to better excel academically and socially, while simultaneously fostering a love for the performing arts, all through using Greek-letter organization collegiate role models and a well-known field of performing arts only synonymous to them: Stepping.

    The "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™ Programs are:
          • Tier #1: Stepping: The Art Form™ Program
          • Tier #2: The Speed Stepping™ Showdown™
          • Tier #3: The Young Greek Leadership Program™

    In January, 2014, through an expansion of his “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™, the "STAF Workshops™" were created.  These workshops allow a more cost-effective way for Students to be introduced to his E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven STEPS to Student Success.

    His company and educational concepts are supported by many educators and public servants such as:
          • Ohio Senator Nina Turner (Minority Whip, 25th District)...
          • The Cleveland Metropolitan School District...
          • The Urban League’s Greater Cleveland Chapter...
          • The Cleveland Council of Black Colleges...
          • African-American Lifestyle Magazine...
          • ...and the list goes on.

    And with them, Tim Carthon has become an even more powerful educational voice for at-risk students, inner-city youth and families, minority males (primary and secondary education), Greek-letter organizations and members, and start-up entrepreneurs nationwide.

  • Primary Topic*:
    "At-Risk Students, Why They Are Who They Are, and Healing Through Arts and Entrepreneurship"

    Secondary Topics*:

    College Life Seminar and Keynote Speaker Series
    Greek Life Seminar and Keynote Speaker Series

    (*Seminars/Keynote Addresses are 1-to-2 hour[s].)

  • Tim is a dynamic speaker. He combines passion, professionalism, and candor that audiences can identify with and relate to.

    -- Kirk Hawkins, CLC, CELC, Founder/President at Maximum Output, LLC

    I think it is a wonderful thing he is trying to do. He is instilling a lot of good qualities into the kids. It is an awesome thing that he is doing.

    --- Michelle Scott, Parent of Rolando; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    I think he is great! I went to the performance and was very impressed. My child has excelled in his program. He is doing great things with the kids.

    --- Redell Bealey, Parent of MiSean; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    Mr. Carthon is a highly effective professional with strong classroom management. I would highly recommend him.

    -- Tina Brandt, 24-year Social Studies Educator

    Mrs. Brandt’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 10
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 10

    It is a good thing. It opened him up to something new. It helped him develop confidence and exposed him to something new. My child is autistic and this program was wonderful for him. The program should be incorporated throughout the school.

    --- Robert and Christy Roberts, Parents of Anthony; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    It is a good thing. I liked it. He is a good person, and it is a good program.

    --- Tracey Herdon, Parent of Elijah; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    Tim Carthon is fully committed to providing quality programming to youth that enhances their understanding of themselves, improves their leadership skills and gives them a solid understanding of how to navigate and receive support in college…his vision and leadership have been invaluable to the youth.

    -- Danyll Jones-Lockhart, Director of Youth and Family Engagement at the Great Lakes Science Center and former Director of College Access and Educational Outreach at the Urban League of Greater Cleveland

    I think it is a wonderful, positive thing Mr. C is doing for the youth and it keeps the kids doing something positive and learning great things along the way. Mr. C is showing them respect, leadership and accomplishment with hard work. I would like to give thanks to him and the whole STAF team.

    --- Bridgette Ivy, Parent of Javontay; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    He was really nice and helped with Enrico. The program is really nice and Enrico loved it. It taught him something positive to do.

    --- Juanita Walker, Grandparent of Enrico; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    Tim Carthon is an excellent educator who works diligently in his efforts to help students grasp concepts and develop a sense of self.

    -- Parthenia Croskey, 17-year Mathematics Educator

    Mrs. Croskey’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 9
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 9

    It is a nice program. He is doing a good job and teaching them a lot. He has good structure for the children.

    --- Lakeisha Dean, Parent of Kevin and KeVontae; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    It is a really good program that gives the children something else to do that is a positive outlet.

    --- Tenille Roberts, Parent of Legacy; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    Always professional and conducting himself in an upstanding manner, Tim Carthon’s attention to detail and work efficiency is consistently awe-inspiring. A greatly inspired, creative, and energetic visionary.

    -- Garry Hicks, Financial Consultant at Datatel

    It is a good program. Glad that they finally had something geared to the boys. It gave the boys a positive outlet for them to interact with a father figure. It should continue.

    --- Candyce Walker, Parent of Dylan; a former Student of an NGASA 3-Tier Stepping Mission™ Program

    He demonstrates firm classroom management skills and also develops a good rapport with the students. Finally I know that, when I return to class, the students will be thoroughly taught the subject material. ‘Mr. C’ is awesome!

    -- Diane Burke, 21-year Language Arts Educator

    Mrs. Burke’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 10
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 10

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