Early Jackson

Early Jackson

Recognized as a Social Activist of Empowerment who brings balance, skill and relevance to people and organizations around the country.

  • Early Jackson         

    Early Jackson is what you would call a statistical anomaly. With a traumatic birth as a premi weighing only a pound and a few ounces, Early was born a fighter. His childhood began with a strong, loving mother and an entrepreneurial father which was picturesque of an average middle class family. The later separation of his mother and father sparked a life that would prove to be the exact opposite. Stepping into poverty for the first time, Early was moved from the suburbs to the projects. In the blink of an eye, he went from manicured lawns to watching drug transactions on his front steps.

    The allure of this lifestyle served as the trappings that put Early on a path of drugs. After years of addictions, a desperate relocation opened the door for freedom and discovery of both his calling and passion; empowerment.

    Fast forward to the present day and Early has emerged having pastored a successful church, established as an engaging communicator and author. With five published books to his credit, multiple appearances in publications, guest hosting radio and television shows and self-help products reaching many, Early knows that society is hungry for affirmation. His intent is to be an influential voice for the movement.

  • Groomed For Greatness
    "Brand" You!
    Overcoming Fears & Influencing People
    How To Overcome Problems
    Strategic Leadership
    Vision Is Bulletproof
    The Audacity of Hope
    Affirmations For Next Level Living
    A Better Self From The Inside Out
    Turning Your Staff Into Gladiators
    Tapping The Leadership Skills of Your Team
  • Early Jackson, You were a hit at the University of Phoenix 2009 Alumni professional development class! Thank YOU for the enthusiasm and knowledge that you brought to the event!
    --- Dr. Erin Rogers, Student Chair, University of Phoenix (Philadelphia Campus)

    Early Jackson is the real deal. What a speaker, encourager, preacher, a man with something to say that is of great value to many! Keep up the great work Early, hope doors continue to open for you!!!!
    --- Bob Reid, Realtor, Va. Beach, Va.

    When you think of the motivators of our times, Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen and Les Brown, you have to mention Early Jackson! He has emerged as a relevant voice for many to find the empowerment they need.
    --- Eric Rivera, Independant Film Production LLC

    Early had a keen business sense and leadership strategy that made his workshop on Branding a valuable tool to inspire our team to be our best! He literally coached us through the process.
    --- Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, Taylor Marketing & Management

    The speech on vision that Early shared at a recent graduation is one that is still talked about among staff and alumni. We look forward to having him back again and again!
    --- Tiffany Haynes, Lead Instructor, KRA Corporation

    When Early came and delivered the commencement for our 2012 graduation at The Pruden Center, he blew our students away. Our staff stopped in their tracks to sneak a listen to the empowering message. Thank you for sharing.
    --- Mona L. Parker, Staff/Student Educational Director, The Pruden Learning Center

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